Music on Your Television – Not MTV

According to, there are dozens of channels you can get when it comes to music. And those are actual music channels – not MTV. Some television services actually give you streaming music channels in addition to regular television channels and, much like the term suggests, it’s a TV channel of music.

The way these work is much like how satellite radio works. You know how satellite radio has different stations that are devoted to specific genres? Know how, for the most part, these largely play non-stop music uninterrupted? That’s how these work on the TV except, of course, there isn’t quite as much variety and it’s on a visual medium.

It seems like streaming music channels wouldn’t be all that useful but they are, in fact, quite popular to viewers. How many times have you just wanted to hear something in the background while you vacuum the TV room? Ever want to listen to some tunes while you cook?

With stuff like this, you can just pick a channel, crank up the volume and work on your homework or whatever actually needs to be done. While music TV channels like these won’t be replacing iPhones or sat radios, they do offer another way for listeners to get their fix.

Great Rock Songs That Last For Generations To Come

Great Rock Songs That Last For Generations To Come

What Makes A Classic Rock Song?
There is something about a great song that can translate through the years. Furthermore, a classic rock song is one that is timeless and accessible to every new generation. For example, “Imagine” by John Lennon, “Changes” by David Bowie and “Purple Haze” by Jimi Hendrix have the making of a timeless rock song.

The Best Rock Songs of All Time
The best rock songs are the ones that capture the minds and Read more…

Hot New Pop Songs To Use For Dance Lessons

If you teach dance lessons, you probably have a few songs that you always fall back on when you are looking for something to teach to. However, you might be getting pretty tired of your old songs, and you could be wondering where you can find some new songs. Fortunately, there are lots of hot new pop songs that both you and your students are sure to enjoy.

The type of songs that you will want to choose will probably depend both on your taste and the type of Read more…

Music That Touches The Heart And Stays On The Mind

One of the first things that we are likely to ask the people that we like is what their favorite music is. Maybe we are curious about their bands or their musical genre tastes, but it is one of the things that binds us together as people. What makes one song stand out and another one fade away?

In the first place, one thing that affects how much you like a song is how often you hear it. It is one thing if a song is Read more…

Entertaining Music To Dance To On A Friday Night

Hip hop and rap

Hip hop and rap artists cross back and forth between the genres creating music that could be classified as both. Artists like Jay-Z and Kanye West are extremely popular right now, along with Busta Rhymes, Eminem and Nikki Minaj. They are considered rappers first and foremost, but the music itself crosses boundaries.

Hip hop and r&b

Other artists like Usher and Ne-yo would be considered both hip hop and r&b musicians. It is often hard to categorize an artist in one genre without putting them in a box. Read more…

How To Follow The Release of New Music

How To Follow The Release of New Music

There are certainly a few tricks on how to stay up to date with all the new releases each day, week and month. In fact, there is so much new music everyday it is difficult to stay on top of everything unless you were a music writer for a living. However, do not despair, it is quite simple and fun learning how to keep up with the current Read more…

Get Into The Beat Of New Music Released

Get Into The Beat Of New Music Released

The age old excuse that nothing new is ever good is simply not true. Each day and every week there is new music to be listened to. You can follow these trends on many major and independent music blogs on the internet from all over the world. Today, now more than ever with the advent of internet radio and digital music file sharing, there is a plethora of bands and songs to Read more…

Music Of Every Genre To Bring People Together

For thousands of years, music has been a way for people to connect on a deeper level. Nowadays, there are a lot of people who stay confined to one genre their whole life. That is sad in many ways because they will never get to experience the fruits of other genres. What is worse is that they will never get to meet people who enjoy other genres.

When you take music from every genre and learn about it exhaustively, there are a couple things that will Read more…

New Music To Satisfy The Heart, Mind and Soul

In the last ten years there have been some new forms of music designed to help relax the body and mind. Many of these CDs are classified as New Age music forms because they incorporate melodies not often found in traditional music genres. New Age music is usually created as instrumental tracks without any vocals. There are some forms which will incorporate some vocals with the music, with most of these CDs falling into the category of Celtic Read more…